Plays for children based on Ovid's Metamorphoses

The Boy Who Could Fly and Other Magical Plays for Children, illustrated by Amy Golbach. Eleven easy-to-read, exciting and funny plays for children, inspired by the Roman poet Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Great fun for group performance, reading aloud, or just curling up by yourself with your eyes open wide, ready to be amazed!

The plays were originally published in the NSW School Magazine. 


ARACHNE: Spider Girl!

PYGMALION: The Statue Who Came to Dinner

ICARUS: The Boy Who Could Fly

ATALANTA: The Fastest Girl in the World

DAPHNE AND APOLLO: The Boy With The Golden Arrow

ECHO AND NARCISSUS: When the Girl Who Talked Too Much Met the Boy Who Loved Himself

IO: The Girl Who Was Turned Into A Cow

THESEUS AND ARIADNE: The A-Mazing Ball of Red Wool

PHILEMON AND BAUCIS: The Goose Who Was Nearly Cooked

ERYSICHTHON: The Very Very Very Very Very Hungry Man

Meanwhile, enjoy these photos and letters from Grade 6 students at Browne Academy, Virginia USA about their recent performances!

Dear Ms.Dubosarsky,

 I played the role of girl three in your play “Atalanta: The Fastest Girl In The World”.  I liked the part when Hippo and Atalanta raced over marriage.  I think that Ovid was a great writer, and I feel bad that he got kicked out of home.  Thank you very much for giving us the plays for free!! My class and I enjoyed acting them out, and I  hope that we do another one soon.


Dear Ms. Dubosarsky,

 I am a 6th grader at Browne Academy. I played Arachne in your play Arachne: The Spider Girl. My favorite part of the play was when Crocus asked for a pineapple hat! Ovid is kind of like his plays. Always changing! From boy, to young man, to husband, to father, to old man. Rome was changing all the time too. From village, to city, to republic, to empire, to ruins. Thank you for giving our class the plays! I really enjoyed them!

Dear Ms. Dubosarsky,

 I am 11 years old in 6th grade. I played the role of Iasus in, Atalanta: The Fastest Girl in the World. I liked when Hippo and Atalanta finished the race and got married then forgot about Venus. I think Ovid was a great author and poet but he wrote some inappropriate things in his time writing. In conclusion, thank you for sending us these amazing plays.

 Dear Ms. Dubosarsky,

 I played the role of Girl 3 in your play “ Atalanta: The Fastest Girl in the World”. I really like the play because it really tells about how the Romans made up myths about the gods, and I like the myths of the Roman Gods. We learned about Ancient Rome and Ovid.  We are reading books on it and doing a play made things more interesting. Thank You for sending over the plays.  We really enjoyed them. Also, thank you for sending them for free on paper.

Dear Ms. Dubosarsky,

 I am a 6th grader at Browne Academy. I played the role Crocus in your play Arachne: Spider Girl. I liked how Arachne is like a rebel. Ovid is a great poet and it has been fun learning about him. Thank you for giving your plays to us.

 Dear Ms. Dubosarsky,

 I go to Browne Academy in Alexandria, Virginia. I am in the sixth grade and I am a great sports player. I played the role of boy in your play Atalanta the fastest girl in the world. I liked that the play was competitive. Ovid was an author that wrote love poems and got caught for it. He got sent to a small village right outside Rome. Thank you for this play. I really liked how it was competitive. You could be a famous author if you keep it up.  

 Dear Ms. Dubosarsky,

 I go to Browne Academy in Alexandria, Virginia. I played the role Hippomenes in Atalanta: The Fastest Girl in the World. I liked beating Atalanta in the end!. Ovid a really cool guy. Thanks for giving us these wonderful plays.

Dear Ms. Dubosarky,

 I played Idmon in the story of Arachne. I liked how Arachne had a lot of nerve challenging the gods. I think Ovid is really cool how he challenged authorities just like Arachne but it ended badly for both of them. Is Australia hot or cold where you live? Do you surf? Do you like soccer? Is the food different and if how so? Good Day Mate.

 Dear Ms.Dubosarsky,

 I’m 12 years old! I go to Browne Academy in Alexandria, Virginia. I played the role of one of the Nymphs and Dryads. I loved how funny you made Minerva as the old lady in the play! It was so funny! I love studying Ancient Rome and Ovid because I love history! I love your plays and I think they are really funny! Thank you so much for sending us the play!

Good Day, Ms. Dubosarsky,

 I’m a 6th grader at Browne Academy. I played the role of Minerva in your play Arachne :  Spider Girl! . I loved the play. It’s really exciting and hilarious! I do hope to do more of your plays soon. We are currently studying Ovid and Ancient Rome and I think its really interesting.  Thank you so much for your plays.


 Hello Ms. Dubosarsky,

 I am a 6th grader at Browne Academy. I played the role of Ilex in your play Arachne: Spider Girl. I liked how you disguised Minerva as an old lady; that was really funny. We have been studying Ancient Rome in class and it has been so much fun. Thank you for giving us your plays.


Dear Ms. Dubosarsky,

 I am a sixth grader at Browne Academy.  I played one of the Nymphs and Dryads in your play, Arachne: Spider Girl.  The play was fun because there were a lot of actions. Some of the actions were stretching, yawning, running, and being asleep etc.  Ovid is awesome; he pushed the boundaries with his poems.  My favorite thing about Ovid was that he wasn’t afraid to speak the truth, and no one ever dared to do such a thing and I thought that was cool. Thank you for your efforts of getting the paper copy to us, it was really generous of you to do that so our class could perform the play.




For Ursula's retelling of classical myth for younger children, see "Two Tales of Twins from Greece and Ancient Rome".